Video: Social Studies – Terracur

So a couple nights ago, I ventured out (on a school night, no less) to see Ramona Falls at The Mohawk in downtown Austin.  Thinking Brent Knopf and Co. came on around 11, I showed up about 10:15.  Come to find out, there were two opening acts and the band wasn’t coming on until 12:30.  Thankfully, I got over my initial pissed off-edness in time to enjoy the middle act, which just happened to be the San Francisco quartet Social Studies.  I was completely blown away by singer Natalia Rogovin’s entrancing voice and guitarist Ben McClintock’s stellar guitar solos.  The highlight of the show was, without a doubt, “Terracur.”  The song comes from the band’s 2012 release, Developer, which has been playing notstop on my iPod for the last two days.  Check out the video for the song below, and do whatever you can to see these guys (and gal) live.  I will be doing so once again at SXSW in couple of weeks.  Enjoy.

Social Studies “Terracur” OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO from Social Studies on Vimeo.


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