Review: Bloc Party – Four

I did not have high hopes for Bloc Party’s upcoming fourth album, the aptly named Four.  After releasing their fantastic debut all the way back in 2005, the band has been on quite the downward trajectory.  While the band’s sophomore album, A Weekend in the City, had a few decent tracks, it saw Bloc Party begin their transition from a politico pop/punk sound to one that was decidedly more electro-pop.  By the time Intimacy came out, it was apparent that Kele had fallen off his rocker.  Gone were the radical lyricisms and cutting guitar riffs, replaced by horrendous ballads and “beep-boop” electronics.  Needless to say, I let go and never expected to come back.

Cut to 2012, I’m officially back.  Four is very good; so good, in fact, it makes you wonder where this has been all along.  With heavy guitar riffs and crushing drum beats abound, this is undoubtedly a rock record.  There are a few ballads to be found, but thankfully they are very much in the vein of “This Modern Love”.  After a few listens, my favorite tracks are “So He Begins to Lie”, “Real Talk”, and “V.A.L.I.S.”, but there isn’t anything here worth skipping.  Shit, even the bonus tracks cuts awesome.  It’s good to have you back, Bloc Party.  Now please don’t go screwing it all up again.


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