Sunday Night 90s (2): Red Hot Chili Peppers – Road Trippin’

I just got home from one of my best friend’s wedding, and this video seems completely appropriate for the second installment of Sunday Night 90s.  We, as well as another friend, lived together for during our final year of college and would often hit the road to go to concerts and other things college kids do.  It was a great time in all of our lives (at least I think they would agree), but during the year that followed I had began to grow apart from the other two.  Within the last two year or so our friendship has been rekindled, culminating with all of us being together again this weekend.  It was such a fun time and it made realize how much fun we have had together over the years.  At the same time it was also a little bittersweet, knowing that we lost more than year where we could have continued to make lasting memories and that things can never go back to way they were when we were all having reckless fun in college.  In a way, I feel that Californication’s “Road Trippin'” exemplifies this feeling.  Anyways, sorry to get all emo on you.  Growing up has a way of doing that to you.


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