Trailer: Safety Not Guaranteed

Disclaimer: I saw the premiere of Safety Not Guaranteed at SXSW. I was pretty excited going into it solely based on the fact that Aubrey Plaza was starring and I had heard her talking about the movie during an interview with Marc Maron on the WTF Podcast. I was not disappointed. Not in the least bit. There were points during SNG where I was literally crying from laughter. Not only is Safety Not Guaranteed incredibly hilarious, it doubles as one of those movies that just makes you feel all warm inside. Mark Duplass is perfect as the possibly crazy Kenneth, and his chemistry with Darius the lovable intern (Plaza) is superb. While Jake Johnson provides some hilarious one-liners as Darius’ manager, the downward spiral his character goes through is mesmerizing. I’ll stop hyping this movie and let you watch the trailer already. Just don’t forget to see it on June 8.


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