Review: The Rest – Seesaw

All the years I’ve heard how weird I am, the last thing I want to hear is that I’m ordinary – John Huston

Back in 2010, I was living out in a mountain town in central Colorado. I had moved out to Breckenridge with a friend on Halloween, and we had to wait three weeks before starting our new job as lift operators. Most people would relish the opportunity to spend three weeks hiking, exploring, or doing whatever normal people do in the mountains. I, on the other hand, spent the time thinking about whether or not I had made the right decision in leaving everything from home behind and starting anew. About a week into my melancholia, I came across The Rest’s “John Huston“. Obsession hit. I bought the band’s debut album, Everyone All at Once, and listened to it on repeat for at least a month. Even when I listen to the album today, I think about sitting in a lift shack completely zoned out and probably putting someone’s life in jeopardy.

Since leaving Colorado I’ve tried to keep up with the comings and goings of The Rest, and my lord has it been a rough two years. The band’s friend/producer passed away and, due to a computer glitch, they lost all of the work that had been put in to making the follow-up to Everyone. Thankfully for the band and their faithful listeners, they were able to recover the material and finish their outstanding sophomore release, Seesaw. While the album continues the soaringly eclectic pop/rock arch of their previous two albums, Seesaw is far more expansive. The layered guitars on “Always on My Mind” are masterful and is preceded by the equally excellent “Hey! For Horses”. Other standouts include the previously mentioned “John Huston” (my personal favorite) and the somber closer “Slumber”. For all of the trials that went into making this album, it is clear that The Rest came out on top as there truly isn’t a misstep on Seesaw.

In preparation for its release, The Rest is streaming a new song off the album each week until the June 12 street date. You can, however, pick up the vinyl from the band’s label right now. I highly recommend doing so.


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